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Ometepe, Nicaragua Part II:
Hostel Odyssey

After my group of friends left Ometepe, I decided I did not want to go back to the mainland already. No idea where to stay, I just started walking and looked where the island would take me.


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Nicaragua,Ometepe, Part I:
More Volcanoes, Butterflies and Crappy Bikes

The volcanic island of Ometepe was one of the most beautiful spots on my trip through Nicaragua. Great nature, lots to see and some of the friendliest people in Central America. I met some friends there for the weekend but I decided to stay for more than a week on this green gem. In the first part of this blog post, I will tell you how to get there and some of the main activities there. The second part will deal with how to get around (which is not easy, unfortunately) and my hostel odyssey there…

19.03.2017 – 28.03.2017

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El Hoyo Volcano, Nicaragua
Walking to a Hole

For my second volcano hike I was slightly better prepared. This time I did not have to sleep up there, so the way up the El Hoyo was a nice day trip.


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Granada, Nicaragua
Ok, I’ll Stay Another Week

Granada. Eternal rival to León. Both cities founded by the same conquistador. León became the place for the intellectual left, while Granada became a centre of commerce. At first, I only wanted to stay for a couple of days. Have a look at the cathedral, maybe one or two day-trips and then head further south. But I ended up about a month here.

15.03.-19.03.2017 and 28.03.-24.04.2017

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Esteli, Nicaragua
Coming Down by Going Up

How to get onto a bus in Nicaragua, my first advances in the Spanish language and the best things to do when you are sick in Estelí. It’s a town famous for tobacco, coffee and the production of cute postcards cards made of banana and onion pulp. 07.03.17-15.03.17

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Telica Volcano, Nicaragua
The Pit, the Pig Witch and the Sunstroke

Do you remember the Carl Barks story, where Donald buys an airplane by accident and travels to Volcano Valley (Das Land der Vulkane)? I found out that this country really exists and is called Nicaragua! 19 volcanoes are sitting near the pacific coast, coughing up poisonous gas and waiting to go off big time. I took Donald’s happy good-for-nothing approach and headed straight towards the peak of the Telica, one of the highest and most active volcanoes here, for an overnight hike. Let’s say I came to the conclusion that I have less endurance than a lazy duck….

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León, Nicaragua
The Dust of the Revolution

How I traveled to Nicaragua and how my first culture shock went down. What I loved about León, what annoyed me and which place gave me disturbing nightmares.

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